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Niv Levy

Staff Scientist | Proximal Probes


  • Scanning tunneling microscopy

CFN Research Activities

lWe are using our STM which is incorporated into a flow reactor to conduct research into heterogeneous catalysis and surface chemistry under realistic reaction conditions i.e. in-operando


  • B.A. & Msc: Technion, Israel
    • Major: Physics
  • PhD: University of California at Berkeley
    • Designated Emphasis in Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    • Dissertation Title: Investigations into nanometer scale surface opto-electro-mechanical coupling

Professional Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Research: Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology at NIST
    • Project: Topological Insulators and Superconductors

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

N. Levy, M. J. Comstock, J. Cho, L. Berbil-Bautista, A. Kirakosian, F. Lauterwasser, D. A. Poulsen, J. M. J. Fréchet and M. F. Crommie, Self-Patterned Molecular Photoswitching in Nanoscale Surface Assemblies, Nano Lett., 9 (3), 935, 2009.

N. Levy, S. A. Burke, K.L. Meaker, M. Panlasigui, A. Zettl, F. Guinea, A.H. Castro Neto and M.F. Crommie, Strain-Induced Pseudo-Magnetic Fields Greater than 300 Tesla in Graphene Nanobubbles, Science 329, 544, 2010.

N. Levy, T. Zhang, J. Ha, F. Sharifi, A. A. Talin, Y. Kuk and J. A. Stroscio, Experimental Evidence for s-Wave Pairing Symmetry in Superconducting CuxBi2Se3 Single Crystals Using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope, Phys. Rev. Lett 110 117001, 2013.