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Jessica Hoy

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Advanced Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy


  • Ensemble photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation
  • Quantum yield measurements
  • Time-correlated single-photon counting
  • Quantum dot and quantum wire sample preparation
  • Transmission electron microscopy
  • Photoconductivity measurements

CFN Research Activities

Quantum dots (QDs) offer a significant advantage in the realm of photovoltaics, with respect to their tunable band gaps. Their charge collection is however, inefficient as multiple pathways compete with the collection process. 1D nanostructures such as wires or tubes provide a long dimension in which charges can propagate to be collected. Combining a bright QD and a 1D carbon nanotube is one way to utilize the best of both. To optimize the photoconductivity of a 0D-1D heterostructure device both charge separation and collection must be well understood. The details of charge separation are highly dependent on the surface of the QD making this a primary focus of our experimental studies.


  • Bachelors: SUNY Binghamton
    • Major: Chemistry
  • Doctorate: Washington University in St. Louis
    • Graduate Program in Chemistry
    • Dissertation Title: Energetics and dynamics in quantum confined semiconductor nanostructures

Professional Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Research: Brookhaven National Laboratory
    • Condensed Matter Physics and Center for Functional Nanomaterials

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

Liu, Y., Wang, F., Hoy, J., Wayman, V., Steinberg, L., Loomis, R., Buhro, W., Bright Core-Shell Semiconductor Quantum Wires, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012, 134 (45), 18797-18803

Hoy, J, Morrison, PJ, Stienberg, LK, Buhro, WE, Loomis, RA, Excitation Energy Dependence of the Photoluminescence Quantum Yields of Core and Core/Shell Quantum Dots, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2013, 4 (12), 2053-2060

Scientific Talk: Excitation Energy Dependence of Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in Semiconductor Quantum Wires, American Chemical Society (ACS) regional meeting, St. Louis, MO October 2011

Scientific Talk: Characterizing the excitation-energy dependence of photoluminescence quantum yields in quantum nanostructures, ACS regional meeting, Wichita, KS, October 2010