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Dong Su

Group Leader | Electron Microscopy


  • (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy and Simulation
  • Structure-Property Study on Oxide Thin Films
  • In Situ/Ex situ TEM Characterization on Energy Materials
  • Using Valence EELS to Study Dielectric Property

CFN Research Activities

We have applied the advanced scanning transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to characterize catalysts, oxide thin film, materials for super-capacitors and electrode materials for Li-ion battery. In addition to the structural information, we are able to achieve the chemical information (composition, valence state, etc.) at sub-nano scale. Our results are essential to understand the relationship between structure/local chemistry and the property/activity in different systems, and help to improve the performance of catalysts/devices for energy convert/storage applications.


  • B.S.: Nan Jing University
    • Major: Physics
  • PhD: Nan Jing University
    • Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Condensed Matter Physics
    • Dissertation Title: Properties And Structural Study On Layered Bismuth Compounds

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

K. He, S. Zhang, J. Li, X. Yu, Q. Meng, Y. Zhu, E. Hu, K. Sun, H. Yun, X.-Q. Yang, Y. Zhu, H. Gan, Y. Mo, E. A. Stach, C. B. Murray*, and D. Su*, “Visualizing Non-Equilibrium Lithiation of Spinel Oxide via In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy”, Nature Communications, 7: 11441, (2016)

K. He, F. Lin, Y. Zhu, X. Yu, J. Li, R. Lin, D. Nordlund, T.-C. Weng, R. M. Richards, X.-Q. Yang, M. M. Doeff,  E. A. Stach, Y. Mo*, H. Xin*, and D. Su*,  “Sodiation Kinetics of Metal Oxide Conversion Electrodes: a Comparative Study with Lithiation”,  Nano Letters,  15, 5755, (2015) 

 X. Shen, T. Yamada, R. Lin, T. Kamo, H. Funakubo, D. Wu, H. L. Xin, and D. Su*, “Interfacial dislocations in (111) oriented (Ba0.7Sr0.3)TiO3 films on SrTiO3 single crystal”, Applied Physical Letter 107, 141605, (2015)  

 S.-W. Kim, N. Pereira, N. A. Chernova, F. Omenya, P. Gao, M. Stanley Whittingham, G. G. Amatucci, D. Su*, and F. Wang*, “Structure Stabilization by Mixed Anions in Oxyfluoride Cathodes for High-Energy Lithium Batteries”, ACS Nano, 9, 10076, (2015)

K. He, H. L. Xin, K. Zhao, X. Yu, De. Nordlund, T.-C. Weng, J. Li, Y. Jiang, C. A. Cadigan, R. M. Richards, M. M. Doeff, X.-Q. Yang, E. A. Stach, J. Li*, F. Lin*, and D. Su*, “Transitions from Near-Surface to Interior Redox upon Lithiation in Conversion Electrode Materials”, Nano Letters,  15 (2), 1437–1444, (2015), 

Kai He, Yongning Zhou, Peng Gao, Liping Wang, Nathalie Pereira, Glenn G Amatucci, Kyung-Wan Nam, Xiao-Qing Yang, Yimei Zhu, Feng Wang, Dong Su, Sodiation via Heterogeneous Disproportionation in FeF2 Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries, ACS Nano, 8 (7), pp 7251–7259 (2014)

Xin Li, Xiaohua Ma, Dong Su, Lei Liu, Robin Chisnell, Shyue Ping Ong, Hailong Chen, Alexandra Toumar, Juan-Carlos Idrobo, Yuechuan Lei, Jianming Bai, Feng Wang, Jeffrey W Lynn, Young S Lee, Gerbrand Ceder, Direct visualization of the Jahn–Teller effect coupled to Na ordering in Na5/8MnO2, Nature Materials,13, 586–592(2014)

D. Su, F. Wang, C. Ma, N. Jiang, Engineering Nano-Composite Li4Ti5O12 Anodes via Scanning Electron-Probe Fabrication, Nano Energy,  2 (3), 343-350 (2013)

D. Su, Q. Meng, M.-G. Han, C. A. F. Vaz, Y. Segal, F. J. Walker, M. Sawicki, C. Broadbridge, and C. H. Ahn,  Origin of 90o Domain Wall Pinning in Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 Heteroepitaxial Thin Films, Applied Physical Letters, 99, 102902, (2011)

K. Gong, D. Su, R. R. Adzic, Platinum-Monolayer Shell on AuNi0.5Fe Nanoparticle Core Electrocatalyst with High Activity and Stability for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction, J. Am. Chem. Soc.,132, 14364(2010)