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Chang-Yong Nam

Staff Scientist | Electronic Nanomaterials


  • Atomic layer deposition & infiltration synthesis
  • Application of self-assembled block copolymers
  • Organic & hybrid electronic devices and photovoltaics
  • Materials & device physics in low dimensional materials (nanowires & two-dimensional materials)

CFN Research Activities

Dr. Nam’s research program is focused on the two primary objectives: (a) Development and application of atomic layer deposition techniques, such as infiltration synthesis, towards the materials innovation in nanopatterning, hybrid nanocomposite, nanoelectronic sensors, and catalysis technologies critical for addressing energy and environmental issues; (b) Device physics and materials processing in organic semiconductors, semiconductor nanowires, and two-dimensional materials.


  • Ph.D.: University of Pennsylvania, 2007
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Dissertation Title: Gallium Nitride Nanowires: Synthesis, Resonant Electromechanical Properties, Ion Beam Disorder Effect on Contact Conduction, and Heterojunction Fabrication
  • M.S.: Korea Advanced Institue of Science and Technology (KAIST), 2001
    • Materials Science and Engineering
  • B.E.: Korea University, 1999
    • Major: Metallurgical Engineering
    • 1995 – 1997 Leave of Absence for Military Service in Republic of Korea Army

Professional Appointments

  • Scientist, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 2016 – Present
  • Associate Scientist, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 2013 – 2016
  • Assistant Scientist, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 2010 – 2013
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Stony Brook University, 2014 – Present
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2019 – Present
  • Goldhaber Distinguished Fellow, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory , 2007 – 2010
  • Commissioned Researcher, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), 2001 – 2002

Selected Publications & Research Highlights


  • A. Subramanian, N. Tiwale, G.S. Doerk, K. Kisslinger, C.-Y. Nam, “Enhanced Hybridization and Nanopatterning via Heated Liquid-Phase Infiltration into Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Thin Films”, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 12, 1444 (2020)
  • S. Lee. A. Subramanian, N. Tiwale, K. Kisslinger, M. Mumtaz, L.-Y. Shi, K. Aissou, C.-Y. Nam, C. Ross, “Resolving Triblock Terpolymer Morphologies by Vapor-Phase Infiltration”, Chemistry of Materials 32, 5309 (2020)
  • Y. Zhou, Y. Yin, X. Zuo, L. Wang, T.-D. Li, Y. Zhou, N.P. Padture, Z. Yang, Y. Guo, Y. Xue, K. Kisslinger, M. Cotlet, C.-Y. Nam, M.H. Rafailovich, “Enhancing Chemical Stability and Suppressing Ion Migration in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells via Direct Backbone Attachment of Polyesters on Grain Boundaries”, Chemistry of Materials 32, 5104 (2020)
  • A. Subramanian, G. Doerk, K. Kisslinger, D.H. Yi, R.B. Grubbs, C.-Y. Nam, “Direct Infiltration Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Electroactive ZnO Nanomesh Using Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Thin Films”, Nanoscale 11, 9533 (2019)
  • N. Tiwale, A. Subramanian, K. Kisslinger, M. Lu, J. Kim, A. Stein, C.-Y. Nam, “Advancing the next generation nanolithography with infiltration synthesis of hybrid nanocomposite resists”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7, 8803 (2019)
  • L. Wang, D. Yan, D.W. Shaffer, X. Ye, B.H. Layne, J.J. Concepcion, M. Liu, C.-Y. Nam, “Improved Stability and Performance of Visible Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting on Solution-Processed Organic Semiconductor Thin Films by Ultrathin Metal Oxide Passivation”, Chemistry of Materials 30, 324 (2018)
  • E.S. Muckley, L. Collins, A.V. Ievlev, X. Ye, K. Kisslinger, B.G. Sumpter, N.V. Larvik, C.-Y. Nam, I.N. Ivanovic, “Light-Activated Hybrid Nanocomposite Film for Water and Oxygen Sensing”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 31745 (2018)
  • M. Li, P. Zhal, C.-Y. Nam, M. Cotlet, “Distinct Optoelectronic Signatures for Charge Transfer and Energy Transfer in Quantum Dot-MoS2 Hybrid Photodetectors Revealed by Photocurrent Imaging Microscopy”, Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1707558 (2018)
  • K. Dusoe, X. Ye, K. Kisslinger, A. Stein, S.-W. Lee, C.-Y. Nam, “Ultra-High Elastic Strain Energy Storage in Metal-Oxide-Infiltrated Patterned Hybrid Polymer Nanocomposites”, Nano Letters 17, 7416 (2017)
  • X. Ye, J. Kestell, K. Kisslinger, M. Liu, R.B. Grubbs, J.A. Boscoboinik, C.-Y. Nam, “Effects of residual solvent molecules facilitating the ZnO infiltration synthesis in a non-reactive polymer”, Chemistry of Materials 29, 4535 (2017)

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