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Lihua Zhang

Staff Scientist | Electron Microscopy


  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy(STEM)
  • In-situ TEM
  • Energy Dispersive Spectrum  (EDS)
  • Electron Energy Loss Spectrum (EELS)

CFN Research Activities

Lihua Zhang’s research interests focus on the microstructure and applications of nanomaterials. By advanced TEM and STEM techniques, she works on exploiting detailed understanding of microstructure and property relationships of nanoscale materials, interface, biomaterials, and semiconductors.  Currently, she further emphasizes on application of Cs-corrected transmission electron microscopy techniques to investigate the atomic structure and chemistry of nanostructures. Her recent work covers energy storage/conversion materials including catalysts, thermoelectric materials, ferromagnetic materials, and battery materials.


  • B.S.: Shenyang University of Technology.  Major: Materials Science
  • Master: Shenyang University of Technology
  • PhD: Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Science
    • TEM characterization of nanostructures in binary immiscible element system.

Professional Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Research: NCEM, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
    • Project: Investigation on the vacancy decay of the elastic strain caused by phase transformation of small Pb and PbX inclusions in Al.

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

Tomer Zidki, Lihua Zhang, Vladimir Shafirovich, and Sergei V. Lymar. Water oxidation Catalysis by Cobalt(II) adsorbed on Silica Nanoaarticles. JACS, 2012, in press.

Ranjith Krishna Pai, Lihua Zhang, Dmytro Nykpanchuk, Mircea Cotlet and Chad S.Korach. Biomimetic Pathways for nanosturcutured Poly(KAMPS)/aragonite Composites that Mimic Seashell Nacre. Advanced Engineering Materials, 2011, 13, No.10, B415-B422.

Avishai Ofan, Lihua Zhang, Ophir Gaathon, Sasha Bakhru, Hassaram Bakhru, David Welch, Yimei Zhu, Richard M. Osgood Jr.Spherical solid He nanometer bubbles in an anisotropic complex oxide. PRB, 2010, Vol.82(10), p104113.

Kotaro Sasaki, Lihua Zhang, R.R. Adzic. Niobium oxide-supported platinum ultra-low amount electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2008. Vol.10. 159-167.

L. H. Zhang, E.Johnson, U.Dahmen. Obervation of the vacancy decay of the elastic strain caused by phase transformation of small Pb inclusions in Al”, Acta Mater, 53, 3635-3642 (2005).

L. H. Zhang, M. L. Sui, L. Zhang, K. Y. Hu and D. X. Li. Investigation on morphological stability of ultrathin Pb films. APL, 2001, 78, 3621-3623.