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Jerzy (Jurek) Sadowski

Staff Scientist | Interface Science and Catalysis


  • Low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM)
  • X-ray photoemission electron microscopy (XPEEM)
  • Surface and interface science
  • Organic thin film growth
  • Self-assembled monolayers

CFN Research Activities

In our research we utilize low-energy electron microscope (LEEM) for the real-time, in situ investigations of the nucleation and growth of thin films. We focus particularly on the  understanding of the self-assembly mechanisms in the organic layers, as they are crucial for the advancement of the organic electronics. LEEM has excellent capability of combining the real-time, real-space observations of the film morphology with the crystallographic analysis by means of micro-beam low-energy electron diffraction (m-LEED). Moreover, use of the low-energy electrons minimizes irradiation damage to the specimen, making this technique especially valuable for studying thin organic films. 


  • M.S.: Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
  • PhD: Institute of Electron Technology, Warsaw, Poland
    • Dissertation Title: Defining crystallization mechanisms  in MBE process of three-component  compounds Cd1-xAxTe (A = ZN, Mn, Hg)

Professional Appointments

  • Associate Professor, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
    • Research:  Real-time microscopy of the nucleation and growth of thin films

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

Y. Huang, E. Sutter, J. T. Sadowski, M. Cotlet, O. L. A. Monti, D. A. Racke, M. R. Neupane, D. Wickramaratne, R. K. Lake, B. A. Parkinson, and P. Sutter, “SnS2 – An emerging layered metal dichalcogenide semiconductor: Materials properties and device characteristics”, ACS Nano 8, 10743 (2014).


T. Yilmaz, I. Pletikosić, A. P. Weber, J. T. Sadowski, G. D. Gu, A. N. Caruso, B. Sinkovic, and T. Valla, “Absence of a Proximity Effect in a Topological Insulator on a Cuprate Superconductor: Bi2Se3/Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d”, Phys. Rev. Lett.113, 067003 (2014).


M. Petrović, I. Šrut, S. Runte, C. Busse, J. T. Sadowski, P. Lazić, I. Pletikosić, Z.-H. Pan, M. Milun, P. Pervan, N. Atodiresei, R. Brako, D. ŠokĬćević, T. Valla, T. Michely, and M. Kralj, “The mechanism of caesium intercalation of graphene”, Nature Communications 4, 2772 (2013).


W. Jin, P. –Ch. Yeh, N. Zaki, D. Zhang, J. T. Sadowski,  A. Al-Mahboob, A. M. van der Zande, D. A. Chenet, J. I. Dadap, I. P. Herman, P. Sutter, J. Hone, and R. M. Osgood, Jr., “Direct Measurement of the Thickness-Dependent Electronic Band Structure of MoS2 Using Angle-Resolved Photoemission  Spectroscopy”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 106801 (2013).

A. Al-Mahboob, Y. Fujikawa, T. Sakurai, and J. T. Sadowski, “Real-time microscopy of reorientation driven nucleation and growth in pentacene thin films on silicon dioxide”, Adv. Funct. Mater. 23, 2653 (2013).

J. T. Sadowski, Pentacene growth on 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane modified silicon dioxide, Optical Materials 34, 1635 (2012).

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