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Viet Hung Pham

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Electrophoretic Deposition


  • Polymer nanocomposite
  • Synthesis and functionalization of chemically converted graphene
  • Graphene based materials for energy storage
  • Electrophoretic Deposition

CFN Research Activities

Our research involves the electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of graphene hybrid materials for high performance supercapacitor application. Graphene is well-known as promising material for energy storage application due to its fascinating properties such as high electrical conductivity, large surface area and chemical stability. We focus on synthesis and modification of chemically converted graphene to disperse in various solvents, from water to non-polar solvents, facilitating EPD to create graphene films with different morphologies and textural properties. Binder-free, highly porous graphene films are expected to have excellent electrochemical supercapacitor performance. We also use co-EPD and post-EPD to prepare graphene hybrid materials with metal oxide nanostructures to improve specific capacitance as well as energy density of graphene based supercapacitor. Our work combines the advantages of liquid-phase, colloidal suspension approaches with the superior deposition rate, size scalability, and cost effective features of EPD to fabricate graphene hybrid materials for high performance supercapacitor.  


  • B.S.: Hochiminh City University of Natural Science
  • Major: Chemistry
  • PhD: University of Ulsan
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Dissertation Title: Preparation of PVC-matrix nanocomposites based on polymer latex synthesized by miniemulsion polymerization

Professional Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Research: University of Ulsan
    • School of Chemical Engineering
    • Project: Synthesis and application of highly dispersible chemically converted graphene in organic solvents

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

V. H. Pham, H. D. Pham, T. T. Dang, S. H. Hur, E. J. Kim, B. S. Kim, S. Kim and J. S. Chung, Chemical reduction of an aqueous suspension of graphene oxide by nascent hydrogen, Journal of Materials Chemistry 22, 10530, 2012.

V. H. Pham, T. T. Dang, S. H. Hur, E. J. Kim and J. S. Chung, Highly conductive poly(methylmethacrylate)(PMMA)-reduced graphene oxide composite prepared by self-assembly of PMMA latex and graphene oxide through electrostatic interaction, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4, 2630, 2012.

V. H. Pham, T. V. Cuong, S. H. Hur, E. Oh, E. J. Kim, E. W. Shin and J. S. Chung, Chemical  functionalization of graphene sheets by solvothermal reduction of graphene oxide in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, Journal of Materials Chemistry 21, 3371, 2011.

V. H. Pham, T. V. Cuong, S. H. Hur, E. W. Shin, J. S. Kim, J. S. Chung and E. J. Kim, Fast and simple fabrication of a large transparent chemically converted graphene film by spray-coating, Carbon 48, 1945, 2010.

V. H. Pham, T. V. Cuong, T. D. Nguyen-Phan, H. D. Pham, E. J. Kim, S. H. Hur, E. W. Shin, S. Kim and  J. S. Chung, One-step synthesis of superior dispersion of chemically converted graphene in organic solvents, Chemical Communications 46, 4375, 2010.