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Yuan Huang

Research Associate | Proximal Probes


2D materials and Nanofabrication
•Exfoliation  and transfer of 2D materials
•Electron Beam and Photo lithography
•Chemical vapor  deposition

CFN Research Activities

We are focusing on the basic properties of 2D materials , such  as  graphene, BN , MoS2, SnS2 et al.  After CVD  growth  or exfoliation of  those  2D materials, we  transfer  them to  suitable substrates  and  make devices  to study their  electrical  and mechanical  properties . Besides, we are also  interested in  the  heterstructures  of  2D  materials,  such as  graphene-Boron Nitride.


•PhD: Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy  of Sciences

•Nanoscale Physics and Devices Laboratory. Supervisor: Prof. Hong-jun Gao

Dissertation Title: Synthesis´╝îCharacterization and Physical Properties of Several Two and One Dimensional Nanomaterials


Professional Appointments

•Research Assistant: National University of  Singapore

•Graphene Research Center
•Project: Fabrication and Characterization of graphene-boron nitride heterstructures.

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

Selected Publications and Research Highlights

1. Yuan Huang, Fei Liu, Yuan Tian, Chengmin Shen, Shaozhi Deng, Ningsheng Xu, Hong-Jun Gao, “Fabrication of patterned boron carbide nanowires and their electrical, field emission, and flexibility propertiesNano Res. 5(12) 896-902 (2012) (Cover Story)

2. Yuan Huang, Jing Wu, Xiangfan Xu, Yuda Ho, Guangxin Ni, Qiang zou, Gavin Kok Wai Koon, Weijie Zhao, A. H. Castro Neto , Goki Eda, Chengmin Shen and Barbaros Özyilmaz, “An innovative way of etching MoS2: Characterization and mechanistic investigation”, Nano Res. 6(3) 200-207 (2013)

3. Yuan Tian, Chengmin Shen, Chen Li, Xuezhao Shi, Yuan Huang, Hong-jun Gao, “Synthesis of monodispersive CoPt3 nanocrystals and their catalytic behavior for growth of boron nanowires”, Nano Res. 4(8) 780 (2011).

4. Yuan Tian, Hongliang Lu, Jifa Tian, Chen Li, Chao Hui, Xuezhao Shi, Yuan Huang, Chengmin Shen and Hong-jun Gao, "Influence of Si Co-doping on electrical transport properties of magnesium-doped boron nanoswords" Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 103112 (2012).

5. Lili Jiang , Bin Wu , Hongtao Liu , Yuan Huang , Jianyi Chen , Dechao Geng , Hongjun Gao , and Yunqi Liu, "A general approach for fast detection of charge carrier type and conductivity difference in nanoscale materials", Advanced Materials. 25, 48 (2013)

6, Q. Zou, B. D. Belle, L. Z. Zhang, W.D. Xiao, K. Yang, L.W. Liu, G.Q.Wang, X.M. Fei, Y. Huang, S. X. Du, Y. Lu, P. H, Tan, H.M. Guo, and H.-J. Gao, " Modulation of Fermi velocities of Dirac electrons in single layer graphene by moir_e superlattice "  Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 113106(2013)