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Wenyan Liu

Research Associate | Soft and Bio Nanomaterials


  • Design, self-assembly and characterization of DNA nanostructures
  • Functionalization of biomolecules and nanoparticles for applications in nanomaterial science.
  • DNA-directed self-assembly of nanoparticles
  • Purification and analysis of nucleic acids using gel electrophoresis and HPLC.
  • Nucleic acid manipulation and characterization with various enzymes.
  • Proficient in biophysical tools such as HPLC, LC/MS, MALDI-TOF, PCR, UV-Vis Spectroscopy.
  • Atomic force microscopy
  • Transmission electron microscopy
  • Scanning electron microscopy

CFN Research Activities

My research focuses on developing new techniques to assemble nanoparticles into highly-ordered 2D and 3D superlattices using DNA nanostructures as nanoparticle carriers and linkers. The ability to assemble nanoparticles into well-defined pattern with controlled symmetries will enable us to effectively create more complex nanoparticle assemblies with customizable optical, electronic, and magnetic properties for biosensing and energy conversion technology.


  • BS: Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan, China
  • PhD: New York University, New York, NY
  • Major: Chemistry
  • Dissertation Title: Design and Assembly of DNA Nano-Objects and 2D DNA Origami Arrays

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

  • Jennifer E. Padilla, Wenyan Liu, and Nadrian C. Seeman. “Hierarchical self assembly of patterns from the Robinson tilings: DNA tile design in an enhanced Tile Assembly Model,” Nat Comput. 2011, 11, 323-338.
  • Wenyan Liu, Hong Zhong, Risheng Wang, and Nadrian C. Seeman. “Crystalline Two-Dimensional DNA Origami Arrays,” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 264-267.
  • Risheng Wang, Wenyan Liu and Nadrian C. Seeman. “Prototyping Nanorod Control: A DNADouble Helix Sheathed with a DNA Six-Helix Bundle,” Chem. Biol. 2009, 16, 862-867.
  • Wenyan Liu, Xing Wang, Tong Wang, Ruojie Sha, and Nadrian C. Seeman. “PX DNA Triangle Oligomerized Using a Novel Three-Domain Motif ,” Nano Lett. 2008, 8, 317-322.