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Huidong Zang

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Advanced Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy


  • Self-assembly on Nanomaterials
  • Single Molecule Spectroscopy
  • Time Correlated Single Photon Counting
  • Physical Vapor Deposition
  • Near Infrared Imaging

CFN Research Activities

My research interests include self-assembly on functional organic/inorganic nanocomposites (conjugated polymer, small molecule and quantum dot etc.) and their potential applications in optoelectronic devices. Charge transfer and energy transfer processes toward single molecular level by using Single Molecule Spectroscopy (SMS). A recent interest focuses on near infrared imaging and the fundamental photophysics on single PbS/CdS quantum dot.


  • B.S.: Jilin University, China
  • Major: Electronic Science and Technology
  • PhD: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Dissertation Title: Magnetic, Optical and Dielectric Effects on Photovoltaic Processes in Organic Solar Cells

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

  • Zang, H., Routh, P. K., Alam, R., Maye, M. M. & Cotlet, M. Core size dependent hole transfer from a photoexcited CdSe/ZnS quantum dot to a conductive polymer. Chemical communications 50, 5958-5960, 2014. (Front Cover)
  • Zang, H., Hsiao, Y.-C. & Hu, B. Surface-charge accumulation effects on open-circuit voltage in organic solar cells based on photoinduced impedance analysis. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 4971-4976, 2014.
  • Zang, H. et al. Magneto-dielectric effects induced by optically-generated intermolecular charge-transfer states in organic semiconducting materials. Scientific reports 3, 2812, 2013.
  • Zang, H., Liang, Y., Yu, L. & Hu, B. Intra-Molecular Donor-Acceptor Interaction Effects on Charge Dissociation, Charge Transport, and Charge Collection in Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells. Advanced Energy Materials 1, 923-929, 2011.
  • Zang, H., Xu, Z. & Hu, B. Magneto-Optical Investigations on the Formation and Dissociation of Intermolecular Charge-Transfer Complexes at Donor−Acceptor Interfaces in Bulk-Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, 5704-5709, 2010