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Dario Stacchiola

Group Leader | Interface Science and Catalysis


  • Surface Chemistry
  • Nanocatalysis
  • In situ tools

CFN Research Activities

Dr. Stacchiola’s research focuses in surface chemistry studied by in-situ tools, and in particular on structure–reactivity relationships in catalysis. The use of well-defined model catalysts allows the characterization of systems at the molecular and atomic level. Studies of these model catalysts by complimentary in-situ ambient pressure spectroscopy and microscopy gives direct evidence of dynamically generated active phases and adsorbed surface species which are produced or stabilized only under reaction conditions.


  • B.S.:  UNSL, Argentina, Major: Physics; Surface Science
  • PhD: University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin, Physical Chemistry
    • Dissertation Title: The role of surface hydrocarbon species during catalytic reactions at high pressures

Professional Appointments

  • Assistant, then Adjunct Professor
    • Chemistry Department, Michigan Technological University
  • Humboldt Research Fellow:  Fritz-Haber-Institute, Max-Planck-Society
    • Department of  Chemical Physics
    • Project:  Synthesis under UHV of model Mixed-Metal Oxides

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

Group leader Dario Stacchiola describes how his group captures atomic-scale catalytic processes in real time and under reaction conditions.