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Young Jae Shin

Staff Scientist | Electronic Nanomaterials


  • 2D Material Automation System with Deep Learning Assist
  • Mechanical Exfoliation & Stacking with 2D Materials
  • van der Waals Heterostructure Device
  • Nanoimprint Lithography & Nanofabrication
  • •Electrospinning

CFN Research Activities

I like to achieve a substantial milestone toward the mass production of high quality van der Waals (vdW) heterostructure with the exfoliated thin layer of 2D materials. In fact, my work will get a leading position among all vdW heterostructure assembly research, as my approach connects to the robotic system that searches the exfoliated 2D material layers with deep learning assist, and assembles them into the device with the vdW heterostructure. Currently, vdW heterostructure have required lots of manual tasks of exfoliation, searching, and mechanical transferring, because of low exfoliation yield and rate of transfer success in high quality.

The selection of polymer is very important in the process of exfoliation and transferring of 2D materials. Many polymeric materials can be used in this process, for example, poly(bisphenol A carbonate), poly(propylene carbonate), poly(methyl methacrylate), epoxy resin, and polycaprolactone. I will select the optimum polymeric material for the process of exfoliation and transferring of 2D materials using the robotic system.


  • •B.S.: KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
    • Major: Electrical Engineering; Minor: Chemistry
  • M.S.: Texas A&M University
    • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • PhD: University of Michigan
    • Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Macromolecular Science & Engineering:
  • Wire grid polarizer by angled deposition method using nanoimprint lithography

Professional Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Research: University of Pennsylvania
    • Electrical Engineering: Nanoimprint with nanocrystals
  • Research Associate: Harvard University
    • Physics: Develop new efficient process to assemble vdW heterostructures

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

  • Young Jae Shin, Carlos Pina-Hernandez, Yi-Kuei Wu, Jong G. Ok, L. Jay Guo, “Facile route of flexible wire grid polarizer fabrication by angled-evaporations of aluminum on two sidewalls of an imprinted nanograting”, Nanotechnology, 23, 344018, 2012.
  • Young Jae Shin, Yi-Kuei Wu, Kyu-Tae Lee, Jong G. Ok, L. Jay Guo, “Fabrication and encapsulation of a short-period wire grid polarizer with increased viewing angle by the angled-evaporation method”, Advanced Optical Materials, 1, 11, 863, 2013.
  • Young Jae Shin, Yi-Kuei Wu, L. Jay Guo, “Nanoimprinting ultrasmall and high-aspect-ratio structures by using rubber-toughened UV cured epoxy resist”, Nanotechnology, 24, 25, 255302, 2013.
  • Young Jae Shin, Min Jae Shin, L. Jay Guo, Jae Sup Shin, “Fabrication of contact lens containing high-performance wire grid polarizers”, Polymer International, 66, 1269, 2017
  • Young Jae Shin, Seung Won Hwang, Min Jae Shin, Jae Sup Shin, “One-component epoxy adhesive for repair of cell phone board”, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 32, 12, 1278, 2018.