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Priscilla Antunez

Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships | Administration


  • Business Development Executive at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Solution-phase deposition of thin films
  • New materials development and process optimization for the fabrication of solar cell devices
  • Synthesis, deposition, and characterization of colloidal nanomaterials and semiconducting thin films


  • B.S.: Universidad de Sonora
    • Major: Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
  • B.S.: Cal Poly Pomona
    • Major: Chemistry
  • PhD: University of Southern California
    • Chemistry
      • Dissertation Title: Solution-phase synthesis and deposition of earth-abundant metal chalcogenide semiconductors.

Selected Publications & Research Highlights


  • D. B. Farmer and P. D. Antunez, M. Hopstaken, O. Gunawan, S. J. Han, Patching of Lattice Defects in Two-Dimensional Diffusion Barriers, ACS Applied Nano Materials 1 (7), 3068, (2018).
  • P. D. Antunez, D. M. Bishop, Yu Luo, R. Haight, Efficient Kesterite Solar Cells with High Open-circuit Voltage for Applications in Powering Distributed Devices, Nature Energy 2, 884, (2017).
  • P. D. Antunez, D. M. Bishop, Y. S. Lee, T. Gokmen, O. Gunawan, T. S. Gershon, T. K. Todorov, S. Singh, R. Haight , Back Contact Engineering for Increased Performance in Kesterite Solar Cells, Advanced Energy Materials 7 (15), 1602585, (2017).
  • P. D. Antunez, D. A. Torelli, F. Yang, F. A. Rabuffetti, N. S. Lewis, R. L. Brutchey, Low Temperature Solution-Phase Deposition of SnS Thin Films, Chemistry of Materials, 6 (19), 5444, (2014).