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Users' Meeting Talks


21st Annual ATF Users' Meeting: Indico agenda and slides (Meeting webpage)


20th Annual ATF Users' Meeting: Indico agenda and slides (Meeting webpage)


19th Annual ATF Users' Meeting: Indico agenda and slides (Meeting webpage)


18th Annual ATF Users' Meeting: Indico agenda and slides


17th Annual ATF Users' Meeting: Indico agenda and slides
ATFII Upgrade Workshop: Indico agenda and slides


Brian Allen (USC)  - "First Observation of Current Filamentation Instability"  Experiment Status Report
Gerard Andonian (UCLA)  - "Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator: Experiment at ATF" Experiment Status Report
Gerard Andonian (UCLA) - "Sub-femtosecond Bunch length Diagnostic" New Proposal
Gerard Andonian (Radiabeam)  - "Fiber Mesh Diagnostic for Transverse Profile Measurements" Experiment Status Report
Sergey Antipov(Euclid) - "Beam Manipulation by Self-Wakefield" New Proposal
Sergey Antipov (Euclid) -  "Self Modulation: Experimental Observation of Energy Modulation in Electron Beams Passing Through THz Dielectric Wakefield Structures" Feasibility Status Report
Sergey Antipov (Euclid) - "Drive-Witness: Experimental Demonstration of Wakefield Effects in a THz Planar Diamond Accelerating Structure." Feasibility Status Report
Marcus Babzien (BNL) - "Solid State Laser" Facility Status Report

Sam Barber (UCLA) - "Plasma Wakefield Experiments in the Quasi-Nonlinear Regime" New Proposal
Kamil Boratay (UT, Austin) - "Surface Wave Accelerator" Experiment Status Report
Xiaoping Ding (UCLA) - "Vacuum Laser Acceleration" Experiment Status Report
Joe Duris (UCLA) - "Rubicon (High Gradient IFEL)" Experiment Status Report
Yun Fang (USC) - "First Observation of Self-Modulation Instability Seeding at ATF" Feasibility Status Report
Alexei Fedotov (BNL/CAD) - "Studies of Wall Roughness Effects" New Proposal
Alexei Kanareikin (Euclid) - "Beam Manipulation by Self-Wakefield" New Proposal
Patric Muggli (USC/MPI) - "Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiments at ATF" Experiment Status Report
Alex Murokh (Radiabeam) - "New ATF Photoinjector" New Proposal
Alex Murokh (Radiabeam) - "IGS Compton Source" Experiment Status Report and "EUVL Compton Source" New Proposal
Alex Murokh (Radiabeam) - "X-band Deflecting Cavity" Experiment Status Report
Finn O'Shea (UCLA) - "Sub-mm period microundulator" New Proposal
Jangho Park (AES) - "Ultrafast High-Brightness Electron Source." New Proposal
Igor Pogorelsky (BNL) - "Ions" Experiment Status Report
Mikhail Polyanskiy (BNL) - "CO2 Laser" Facility Status Report
James Rosenzweig (UCLA) - "Galaxe" New Proposal
Timur Shaftan (BNL) -  "Noise Suppression Experiment - ATF" (Movie) Experiment Status Report
Oliver Williams (UCLA) - "Status of Compton Scattering at ATF" Experiment Status Report
Vitaly Yakimenko (BNL) - "ATF Status Report and Plans" Facility Status Report


ATF Talks

Vitaly Yakimenko (BNL) - "ATF Status and Plans" Facility Report
Marcus Babzien (BNL) - "New Ti:Sf laser" Facility Report
Mikhail Polyanskiy (BNL) - "CO2 Laser R&D" Facility Report

Ion Beam Generation

Igor Pogorelsky (on behalf of Zulfikar Najmudin of Imperial College) - "Monoenergetic Ion Beam Generation from a Gas Jet" Status Report
Peter Shkolnikov (SBU) - "Wavelength Scaling in Experiments with Foils" Status Report
Peter Shkolnikov (SBU) - "Studies of Post-Solitions in Laser/Plasma Interaction" Status Report
Igor Pogorelsky (on behalf of Victor Malka of LOA) - "Study of Hot Electron Transport and Subsequent Ion Acceleration" Status Report


Gerard Andonian (UCLA) - "Single Shot Interferometer" Proposal
Alex Murokh (Speaking on behalf of James Rosenzweig of UCLA) - "Fiber-Meshed Beam Profile Diagnostics" Proposal


Massimo Carpinelli (INFN) - "Single Shot Phase Contrast Measurement" Status Report
Oliver Williams (Speaking on behalf of James Rosenzweig of UCLA) - "Fast Compton" Status Report
Alex Murokh (Radia Beam Technologies) - "IGS" Proposal

Inverse Free Electron Laser

Pietro Mucumeci (UCLA) - "High Grade IFEL" Status Report
Alex Murokh (Radia Beam Technologies) - "IFEL Driver for IGS" Proposal

Beam Manipulation/Testing

Dmitry Kayran (BNL/CAD) - "Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Shielding" Status Report
Sebastian White (BNL/PO) - "Single Electron Beam Generation" Feasibility Study
Sebastian White (BNL/PO) - "High Resolution, high rate TOF R&D" Proposal
Ian Blackler (BNL/CAD) - "RHIC Stochastic Cooling Pick-Up Test" Feasibility Study
Alexander Temnykh (Cornell) - "Delta Undulator Magnet Beam Test at ATF" Feasibility Study

Plasma Wakefield

Rafal Zgadzaj (UT-Austin) - "Optical Measurement of Plasma Wave Structure Produced by the Multi-bunch Driven PWFA" Status Report
Brian Allen (USC) - "Progress Toward the Current Filamentation Instability (CFI) Experiment" Status Report

Dielectric Wakefield

Gerard Andonian (Speaking on behalf of James Rosenzweig of UCLA) - "DWA as a Radiation Source" Proposal
Alexei Kanareykin (Euclid Techlabs) - "THz Diamond Based DLA for Microbunch High Gradient Cherenkov Generation" Proposal

X-band/high gradient

Alex Murokh (Speaking on behalf of James Rosenzweig of UCLA) - "X-Band Deflector" Status Report
Alex Murokh (Radia Beam Technologies) - "High Gradient S-band Linac" Proposal
Gennady Shvets (UT-Austin) - "Surface Wave Accelerator and Surface Cherenkov Radiation Source Based on SiC" Proposal


Timur Shaftan (Speaking on behalf of Avi Gover of Technion) - "Study of Collective Interaction Control over e-beam Current Noise" Proposal Update
Lei Shao (Speaking on behalf of David Cline of UCLA) - "Laser Acceleration in Vacuum"   Proposal Update


ATF Status

V. Yakimenko (BNL) - Facility Status and Plans
I. Pogorelsky (BNL) - CO2 Laser: Present Status and Research Highlights

Multibunch and Plasma: Status and Proposals

P. Muggli (USC) - Generation of Multi-bunch Trains with Sub-picosecond Separation for PWFA
P. Muggli (USC) - Status of the Multi-bunch PWFA Experiment at ATF
B. Allen (USC) - Proposal: Experimental Investigation of the Current Filamentation Instability
R. Zgadzaj (U. Texas) - Proposal: Direct Measurement

X-ray Beams: Status and Proposals

O. Williams (UCLA) - Compton Results at ATF
M. Carpinelli (INF) - Advanced Imaging and Ultra-fast Material Probing with Inverse Compton Scattering
S. Boucher (RadiaBeam) - High-flux Inverse Compton Scattering for Medical, Industrial and Security Applications
M. Polyanskiy (BNL) - Multi-pass CO2 Laser Cavity for High-repetition Pulse Trains

Ion Generation and Applications: Status and Proposals

P. Shkolnikov (Stony Brook U.) - Proton Beams from Laser-irradiated Foils
I. Pogorelsky on behalf of Z. Najmudin (Imperial College) - Ion Acceleration in the Interaction of Ultra-short, High-intensity CO2 Laser Pulses with Gas Jets
E. Polyakova (Columbia U.) - Modification of Graphene Films by Laser-Generated High Energy Particles

ATF Lasers Plans

M. Babzien (BNL) - YAG Status, Experimental Support & Instrumentation
D. Stolyarov (BNL) - A Femtosecond CO2 Front End Based on Frequency Mixing with an Ytterbium Laser
M. Polyanskiy (BNL) - Simulation and Diagnostic Tools for Better Understanding and Upgrade of the CO2 Laser
I. Pogorelsky (BNL) - CO2 Laser: Near-term Plans

New Proposals

A. Fedotov (BNL) - CSR Shielding Studies
T. Shaftan on behalf of A. Gover (Israel) - Proposal: Study of Collective Interaction Control over e-beam Current Noise
Pietro Musumeci (UCLA) - 220 MV/m - 130 MeV Energy Gain Helical IFEL Experiment at BNL

Current Experimental Status

L. Shao (UCLA) - Vacuum Acceleration
S. Shchelkunov (Yale) - First Results from LACARA and Interpretation
J. Rosenzweig (UCLA) - Coherent Edge Radiation
J. Park (BNL) - Emittance Improvements by Alignments in a Photoinjector


ATF Status

V. Yakimenko - Recent Facility Developments
M. Babzien - Lasers at ATF
D. Stolyarov - Plasma Sources/Gas Jet at ATF

Progress Reports

G. Andonian - Compression and Edge Radiation
G. Andonian - VISA Program:Recent Results and Measurements
S. Shchelkunov - LACARA
P. Shkolnikov - Ion Generation
W. Kimura - Update on STELLA-LW Experiment Preparations
T. Tsang - CPOD

Proposal Updates

J. Hirshfield - LACARA
L. Shao- Vacuum Acceleration

New Proposals

A. Murokh - X-band Deflection Cavity and Waveguide Experiments
A. Fukasawa - Investigations of Radiation Production from an RF Undulator
W. Kimura - Generation of Tunable Microbunch Train
L. Schachter - PASER

Completed Experiments

W. Kimura - Advanced PASER Experiments
P. Muggli - Double Beams and Two-Beam PWFA

Long Term ATF Development Plan

V. Yakimenko - ATF Development Plan
I. Pogorelsky - ATF Lasers Development Plan


ATF Overview, I. Ben-Zvi, BNL
ATF Operations, Performance and Upgrades, V. Yakimenko, BNL
The ATF Lasers, I. Pogorelsky, BNL
Plasma Experiments, V. Yakimenko, BNL
"Staged Electron Laser Acceleration", W. Kimura, STI Optronics
Compton Scattering of Picosecond Electron and CO2 Beams, T. Kumita, Tokyo  Metropolitan U
Photocathode R&D and Superconducting Photoinjector, A. Burril, BNL
"Dielectric Wake Field Experiments", S.Shchelkunov, Columbia U
Ultrafast Detection of Relativistic Charged Particles by Optical Techniques, T. Tsang, BNL
LACARA Experiment, J. Hirshfield, Yale and Omega-P
"Electron Beam Pulse Compression Based Physics", J. Rosenzweig, UCLA
"VISA Experiment", J. Rosenzweig, UCLA
Optical Diffraction-Transition Radiation Interferometry Diagnostics, R. Fiorito, U. of Maryland
Development of Diagnostic Systems for ATF Operation/Experiments, T. Watanabe, BNL
A Bunch-Length Diagnostic Using Wake Field Radiation, T. C. Marshall, Columbia U
Laser Wakefield Acceleration Driven by a CO2 Laser (STELLA-LW), W. Kimura, STI Optronics
“Multi-bunch Plasma Wakefield Acceleration at ATF”, P. Muggli, T. Katsouleas, USC
“A Proposal to Study the Feasibility of a Novel Vacuum Laser Acceleration Experiment at the BNL – ATF”, D. Cline, UCLA
“Applications of Coherent Surface Phonon Polaritons in Thin SiC Films to Sub-Wavelength Lithography and Compact Particle Accelerators.”, G. Shvets, Illinois Institute of  Technology
"Non-invasive Temporal Bunch Profile Measurement" by the Smith-Purcell Interaction., J.H. Brownell, Dartmouth


ATF Overview, I. Ben-Zvi, Head, BNL Accelerator Test Facility
The ATF Operations, Performance and Upgrades, X. Wang
The ATF Lasers, I. Pogorelsky
The ATF Computer Control System, R. Malone
Small Beams and High Brightness, V. Yakimenko
Surface Roughness / Emittance vs. Uniformity, F. Zhou
 VISA Experiment, C. Pellegrini
Staged Electron Laser Acceleration (STELLA), K. Kusche
High-Gain Harmonic-Generation Experiment, L-H. Yu
Ultrafast Detection of Relativistic Charged Particles by Optical Techniques, Y. Semertzidis
Structure-Based Laser Driven Acceleration in a Vacuum, Y.-C. Huang See also: Photo of the accelerating structure
MINOS Beam Monitoring Detectors, M. Diwan
Stimulated Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration, T. Marshall
LACARA Experiment, J. Hirshfield
 Compton Scattering of Picosecond Electron and CO2 Beams, T. Hirose
 Beam Position Monitors for Linear Colliders, V. Yakimenko
 Smith Purcell Experiment, H. Brownell
 Electron Beam Pulse Compression Based Physics, J. Rosenzweig
 Photocathode R&D, T. Srinivasan-Rao
ATF Tour See photographs taken during the ATF tour.
Particle Acceleration by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, L. Schachter
Atto-Second Electron Bunches Production Experiment, M. Zolotorev
Optical Diffraction-Transition Radiation Interferometry
Diagnostics for Low Emittance Beams, R. Fiorito
 In Vacuum Laser Acceleration of Electrons at BNL's ATF, V. Yakimenko


ATF Overview - I. Ben-Zvi
The ATF Operations, Performance and Upgrades - X. Wang.
The ATF Lasers - M. Babzien.
The ATF Computer Control System and Upgrade - R. Malone.

Progress Reports from ATF Experiments

High Gain Harmonic Generation FEL - S. Krinsky, BNL
Staged Electron Laser Acceleration (STELLA) - K. Kusche, BNL and D. Quimby, STI Optronics:  
Stimulated Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration - T. Marshall, Columbia
Smith Purcell Experiment - J. Walsh, Dartmouth
Beam Position Monitors for Linear Colliders - V. Yakimenko, BNL
Optical Detection of Relativistic Charged Particles - D. Nikas, BNL
A SASE-Free Electron Experiment - A. Tremaine, UCLA
Photocathode R&D - J. Smedley, Stony Brook
Compton Scattering of Picosecond Electron and CO2 Beams - I. Pogorelsky, BNL

New Proposals

Bunch Length Dependence of Plasma Wakefield Accelerators, Patrick Muggli, USC
Photon Absorption Accelerator - U. von Wimmersperg,
Electron Beam Pulse Compression-Based Physics at the BNL ATF V. Yakimenko, BNL.
Laser-Driven Cyclotron Autoresonance Accelerator (LACARA) J. Hirshfield, Omega-P, Inc. and Yale Univ.
Structure-based Laser Driven Accel. in a Vacuum - Y.C. Huang, National Tsinghua Univ.